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Hey, I’m Josh. Alongside Niamh, I’m one of OVR’s co-founders. I’m a Final Year English and History undergraduate at The University of Birmingham. With no plans for further study, I was adamant to get involved in this project, and continue pursuing my interests in historical and current affairs.

As a Joint Honours student, my primary project – the dissertation – was not history-focused, but instead relied on my studies in English Literature. I investigated humanism and post-humanism in The Road and I Am Legend, adopting a historiographical approach to research how Cormac McCarthy and Richard Matheson were greatly influenced by their contexts in their writing. I came to conclude that both texts were warnings: that humanity and our environment both deserved to be saved, rather than driven to extinction by our destructive habits.

Consequently, I’m really interested in anthropological history, and enjoy researching how an individual’s context might influence their actions.

Additionally, during University, I was fascinated by the Cold War, and the historical context surrounding this ideological conflict. I also particularly enjoyed a module on Early Modern Medicine, and look forward to the prospect of returning to both subjects for further research.

I’ll be focusing on a variety of topics – from people’s history, to history from above and subjects that deserve coverage.


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