About the Revolution

The story of Our Velvet Revolution is one of humble beginnings. Co-founders and housemates Josh Hamilton and Niamh Coffeey often found themselves awake into the early hours, progressing from one conversation to another, discussing ideas and thoughts about History, their mutual love. As they had both entered their Final Year at University, both were interested in pursuing History post-graduation. What better way to do this than to share their writing and research with the world?

Pouncing on a WordPress URL before others had the chance, Josh and Niamh established OVR as a safe space in which any topic could be touched upon. Their main aim? That one day, the site would flourish with content produced by other aspiring historians.


For those of you interested in the Cold War, you have no doubt encountered the Velvet Revolution, a non-violent upheaval of power in Czechoslovaki in 1989. Massive changes occurred without violence; the communist state’s one-party rule was dismantled and replaced with a parliamentary republic, signalling a new beginning.

Likewise, OVR will be using words to change the world. Our Velvet Revolution will seek non-violent change that benefits us all.

As a result, essays encompass all things historical, political and social. Writers comment on issues of all shapes and sizes in academic tones, matching the style of a paper written at undergraduate level. All views are welcome; the intention of OVR is to educate and promote conversation, rather than to exclude through isolation.