Join the Revolution

Do you have a passion for historical, political, or social events? Are you a budding writer, looking for more experience? Great! We’d love to have you on the team.

OVR is a write-when-you-want blog, so there are no weekly quotas or commitments that you should feel obliged to fill. We’re not a business looking to drive clicks to fund salaries, just a blog aiming to get more people interested in History. We won’t be telling you what to write, either; how much you choose to write – and what you want to write – will be all down to you.

We want you to think “I would be genuinely interested in reading this”, and then write it, rather than us telling you “Right, we have 12 issues in the news today that need writing-up”. We’re not a news outlet, we’re a commentary blog. Think of us like a student newspaper – but with a much better name, less pressure to write at all times, and a never-ending passion for what we do.

All political opinions are welcome. Are you centre-right, or centre-left? Far-right? Far-left? Apolitical, or something else entirely? It’s all welcome at Our Velvet Revolution. The only content we won’t tolerate is hate-speech. There will be no libel on our website; word everything as criticism, rather than slander.

If you’re still interested then joining is simple. Send us a message on Twitter (@OVR_Blog) or an email ( with the subject ‘MY Velvet Revolution’, along with an idea you’ve had for a topic, issue or debate (or political commentary or…just about anything, really). For exemplar pieces, go ahead and read one of the seminal pieces already on the home page.

Either Niamh or Josh will then be in contact in due course to see about you becoming an official contributor. They will be your editors and your main points of contact, and can advise on writing techniques.

Go ahead; get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.